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About Us

VR Surat is Virtuous Retail South Asia's flagship destination and is a first-of-its-kind, community-oriented integrated lifestyle destination. Spread over 615,000 sq. ft., VR Surat has unprecedentedly established itself as Surat's only lifestyle destination offering retail, F&B, entertainment and a bunch of socio-cultural events.VR Surat plays host to 11 anchor units, 2 mid-sized units, 78 in-line stores, a 12-kitchen food court and an eight-screen multiplex. Undoubtedly, this Centre located in Surat, Gujarat has set a new global benchmark for retail in India. All Virtuous Retail Centre’s combines global expertise and local know-how to create high performance retail environments with strong urban connections. It does this through "Connecting Communities©" – a platform for cultural festivals, public-private partnerships and cross-border collaborations that encourage civic pride, strengthen the local economy and enhance the city’s brand image. From the unique practice of street-side family picnics to the popular annual boat race, the Surti consumer defies all stereotypes.

At VR Surat, we have thrived towards building a Community Centre that connects different aspects of a citizen’s lifestyle. This is achieved via unique events and activations which are being conducted over the past years and have touched the lives of our customers in some or the other way. The VR Surat invites you all to come experience a place inspired by the idea of Surat, inspired by the communities that make it unique, inspired by the heritage that gives it character and inspired by the people of Surat who keep it unparalleled!