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Ritu Kumar

Level: Ground Floor
Timings: 10.30 AM to 10.30 PM
Contact: 8487946461

LABEL, Ritu Kumar is a designer brand for young urban India. Whereas its influences are global, its identity originates from Indian design. The look is sophisticated and carefully crafted. Today they are part of the India's re-awakening individuality and cultural impact around the world. Collaborating and working with talent in the arts they really seek truly unique expressions from today’s generation. LABEL, Ritu Kumar are proud to patron symbols of India's contemporary cultural energy. In our rapidly evolving culture, the current generation of young women experience increasing number of influences. We believe that in conjunction with and in-spite of the huge foreign aesthetic stimulus, India has and always will define an identity for itself. It is this phenomenon that has given rise to LABEL and it is our intention to be heralded as a symbol of this new energy.