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109 F

Level: Second Floor
Timings: 10.30 AM to 10.30 PM

Fashion is a woman’s weapon. She brandishes it to enamour, intimidate, flirt, intellectualise, assert, defy, or simply sizzle. It embodies her mood of the day. 109° F is the preferred brand for the Indian woman who lives by her rules. And the rules keep changing as she navigates her way in the world of fashion.

109° F is influenced by her moods, her music, her icons. Rather than impose a predetermined style, it helps her create a unique one of her own. The range is international chic, often fused with ethnic fine points, to create bold, confident lines and body forms. Women flit from spaces to spaces, whether emotional or physical and 109° F has something to offer every one of those moments. The collections are seasonal and contemporary. The cuts are complimentary to every body type. The options are vast. The results, therefore, are extraordinary.