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Lamy is a maker of fine writing instruments started by Josef Lamy in 1930 in Heidelberg, Germany. Lamy pens are designed by Germany's top most designers who follow the Bauhaus principle of 'form follows function'. That is, every design has a function and therefore most of the collections have won the prestigious Red Dot award for design. Lamy is for those who seek a writing tool that is reliable, easy to maintain and writes well in addition to being stylish. Lamy fountain pens also carry the widest variety of nibs to suit every hand, from extra fine for small closely spaced handwriting to large flamboyant styles. Lamy pens are a favourite among school students to professional writers and has therefore been their personal choice for decades together.

Store Hours

11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Location in Centre

Ground Floor

0261-4133263 | Driving Directions

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