Connecting Communities©: Steat Mural


Streat Mural

The 240-foot one-of-its kind Art Mural titled 'Streat' is inspired by the legendary Surti obsession with food. It brings the vibrancy of Surat's street food culture to Magdalla Plaza, a well-designed community space that features a spectacular outdoor LED screen, one of the largest digital public displays in India. It depicts the story of Surat from its origins to the present day. The Mural incorporates distinctive elements from the city's everyday culture as well as rich heritage – The Flying Rani, Science Centre, Tapi River, The Chowk, Kites, Laaris, Hazira Lighthouse, Nehru Garden, Hope Bridge, Andrews Library, Zari, Magdalla Port, East India Co., Surat Castle, Suryapur, Gai Pagli, and many more, which unite to give it a unique character.

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